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Forest fires engulfs Indonesia

Yet again, forest fires have engulfed the Pacific islands of Indonesia affecting neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, among others

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Nov 19 2015 1:37PM | Updated Date: Nov 20 2015 4:03PM

Forest fires engulfs Indonesia

Forest blaze in Indonesia have engulfed the country in a hazardous smoke, causing an environmental and public-health crisis that has disrupted transport, schools and business and caused hundreds of thousands of people to fall ill.


Thousands of people are believed to have respiratory problems owing to emission of high levels of carbon dioxide.


The fires have been an annual problem in Indonesia since the mid-1990s, but this was the worst year since 1997, when fire spread across nearly 10 million hectares.


Fire alerts in Indonesia have increased dramatically in recent times, rising even higher than the crisis-level outbreaks of June 2013, March 2014 and November 2014.


Moreover, the forest fires releasing vast plumes of smoke has spread across neighboring countries including Singapore,Thailand,Vietnam,Malaysia,Cambodia and the Philippines.



The blazes, primarily caused by ancient peat deposits, are expected to be doused by the monsoonal rains that are supposed to reach the archipelago state by next month.