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Clinton wins debate, head-to-head against Trump

Voters say the Democratic nominee just won her third debate in a row

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Oct 20 2016 12:55PM | Updated Date: Oct 20 2016 12:55PM

Clinton wins debate, head-to-head against Trump

Hillary Clinton came up as the winner of the third and final presidential debate, according to voters. The results were drawn out from the first opinion poll of the night. Republican leaders are backing away from Donald Trump after his lewd remarks.


According to the survey conducted by CNN, 52 per cent of voters believe that Clinton won the 90-minute debate on Wednesday night. While 39 per cent of participants said that her rival Donald Trump won the contest.


Democrats accounted for 36 per cent of voters and 29 per cent Republican. The survey carried a plus or minus 4 per cent margin of error. Sixty per cent of debate watchers said that Trump spent the majority of the debate attacking Clinton.


The debate comes after nine women accused the Republican candidate of sexual assault over the course of 10 days. Trump interrupted Clinton on several occasions over the night and said she was such a nasty woman.


Despite losing the people’s vote, Trump did outperformed expectations of voters as nearly six in 10 viewers said he did better than they expected. Forty-four per cent of voters said the same of Clinton.


Trump was widely criticised for refusing to say if he’ll accept the final election results after voters hit polling booths on November 8. The Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus broke away from his party’s candidate’s comments and asserted that Trump will accept the elections final results.