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6 lakh signs in US to declare Pak, a terror sponsor

Petition in US to declare Pakistan a state which support terror has got 613,830 signatures

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Oct 5 2016 11:48AM | Updated Date: Oct 5 2016 11:49AM

6 lakh signs in US to declare Pak, a terror sponsor

With 50,000 new signatures the total reached more than 6.1 lakh. People are signing the petition to declare Pakistan as a state which supports terror organizations. There has been no explanation from the White House so far.


The White House petition seeking to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism became the most popular US petition so far. The highest number of signatures received by any White House petition so far had not crossed 350,000.


The petition, "We the people ask the administration to declare Pakistan, State Sponsor of Terrorism (HR 6069)" archived 613,830 signatures by Monday.  By Tuesday afternoon, the number of signatures on the petition had increased to 665,769.


The White House will check the authenticities of these signatures and in that case, the chances of a fraud being committed appear unlikely. The White House is expected to have an official response to the petition within stipulated 60 days.


Since the petition had already reached the mandatory threshold of 100,000 to earn a response from the Obama administration, a decision could have been taken to archive it stop accepting any new signature.