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Hillary Clinton has lead of 7% ± 3%

After the first depate on Sept 26, US poll are widening the gap in favor of Hillary

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Publish Date: Oct 4 2016 3:03PM | Updated Date: Oct 4 2016 3:11PM

Hillary Clinton has lead of 7% ± 3%

Scientific polls are conducted by a fair polling data. They collect data through the expert agency which helps in forecasting the poll outcome - without any bias.


For US Election 2016 - every scientific or unscientific poll conducted in between 1 Sept to 26 Sept, before the first debate, shows the winning margin of gap for Hillary’s win was less than 1%.


However the scientific poll conducted by Todays Chanakya for the US 2016 Elections, which was released on 25 Sept 2016, clearly shows and dare to predict that Hillary Clinton has the lead of 7% ± 3% (Margin of error) & will sweep the poll.


Polls released by other agencies after the debate also shows that Hillary has the lead to win the election. She is leading with more than 3% and in the coming days of elections.


These polls will touch the difference of 7% point lead as suggested in our poll of 25 Sept 2016, before the debate.


Moreover, most of the polls released by other agencies, towards the first week of Oct 2016, will show the lead much wider than the previous lead of 1-2%.


Voter mostly does not decide their voting intention after hearing the first debate only. The American voters would certainly like to hear the other two remaining debates before deciding their final intention, if they are undecided for their voting intentions, says experts.