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Final opinion polls showed Britons split over EU

After months of Campaign, Britain to decide the fate of European Union

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 23 2016 12:15PM | Updated Date: Jun 23 2016 12:15PM

Final opinion polls showed Britons split over EU

 Britain leading toward a historic choice as voters hearing final pitches on both sides of a bitterly fought referendum showdown that could rock the global economy and unsettle the political order.

After months of campaigning that sharply divided the country over questions of immigration and identity, final polls showed Britons almost exactly split over whether the country should exit the 28-member European Union.
Prime Minister David Cameron outlined his vision for a future with Britain retaining its place in the 28-nation bloc. Voting to take place on Thursday, and the results are expected early Friday according to the British media.
Opinion polls completely changed since pro-EU member of Parliament Jo Cox was shot dead last week, jolting the country and prompting calls for an end to some of the campaign's more hateful rhetoric.
The referendum marks an existential decision that could dramatically reshape Britain's global role in a way not seen since London shed its empire following World War II. It could also lead to another push on Scottish secession.