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Arrested man 'wanted to shoot Trump'

Court found Steven Sandford, who appeared in court in shackles, to be a danger and risk of non-appearance

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Publish Date: Jun 21 2016 12:33PM | Updated Date: Jun 21 2016 12:33PM

Arrested man 'wanted to shoot Trump'

A person, who tried toget hold of police officer's gun at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's rally in Las Vegas has said he wanted to shoot the billionaire, a report said.

As per BBC report, Michael Steven Sandford, a 20 –year old British origin, who is charged with an act of violence "on restricted grounds", has been remanded in custody until a hearing on July 5.
He had tried to get hold of gun after saying he was seeking Trump's autograph at a rally on Saturday.
Court found Sandford, who appeared in court in shackles, to be a danger and risk of non-appearance.
on Monday, Trump parted with his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski who oversaw his triumph in the primary contests.
The US presidential election campaign of 2016 has also seen some violence. Trump has received protests almost everywhere he goes.
He often mocks the demonstrators and there have been clashes with his supporters during rallies.
Sandford told the court he had never fired a gun before but went to a range in Las Vegas recently to learn how to shoot.
At Saturday's rally at the Treasure Island Casino, Sandford had attempted to grab the weapon because it was in an unlocked position and so, the easiest way to get a gun to shoot Trump.
Court documents said Sandford acknowledged that he knew he would only be able to fire one or two rounds, and expected to be killed during an attempt on Trump's life.
He told the police if he had not tried to kill Trump at this rally he would have tried again at a rally in Phoenix, for which he had already booked tickets.