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Taiwan welcomes its first woman President

Tsai Ing-wen belongs to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

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Publish Date: May 20 2016 1:02PM | Updated Date: May 20 2016 1:03PM

Taiwan welcomes its first woman President
Political scenario is changing and is getting modernized and feminist with more women entering the politics. 
After countries like Britain, India and many more, where the countries have run by women, Taiwan also welcomes its first woman president Tsai Ing-wen. 
Tsai Ing-wen was sworn in as Taiwan's first woman president on Friday, with the export-driven economy on the ropes and wary Communist Party rulers in China watching for any move towards independence by an island it considers its own.
Tsai's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won parliamentary and presidential elections by a landslide in January on voter backlash against creeping dependence on China.
As Taiwan is formally addressed as the republic of China, Tsai pledged to defend the country and abide by the constitution of the Republic of China, as she took the oath of office, which was carried on live TV broadcast.
The DPP, which has traditionally favoured independence from China, takes over after eight years under China-friendly Nationalist Ma Ying-jeou.
Taiwan suffered badly the last year’s recession, so, Taiwan's main index was up a bit in cautious trade ahead of her speech. It slid to over three month lows last week with foreign investors net selling shares this month so far on political and economic worries.
In addition to that, China has pressured the new Taiwan government to stick to the "one-China" principle agreed with the Nationalists and Tsai has said she will maintain the status quo, but stops short of referring to ‘one China’.