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Sri Lanka fights against floods hopelessley

27 people have lost their lives due to floods and there are more rains to come.

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Publish Date: May 18 2016 1:28PM | Updated Date: May 18 2016 1:28PM

Sri Lanka fights against floods hopelessley

As Sri Lanka is suffering from floods, there are many people who have given everything to these floods. There are many people who have given their lives to these floods.


Rescue workers have taken out 16 bodies buried in mudslides that occurred on Tuesday evening. These people resided in the houses buried under the mudslides. There are heavy rains in Sri Lanka raising the death toll due to bad weather to 27 with more rains having forecasted. 


The two villages affected are in the Kegalle district, about 72 kilometers (45 miles) from the capital, Colombo.


Morethan 300 soldiers were deployed for the rescue mission and they rescued 150 people trapped in Aranayake village and recovered 13 bodies from the area.


In the other village, known as Bulathkohupitiya, troops recovered three bodies, he said, adding that troops are continuing the search and rescue operations.


Disaster Management Center confirmed the death toll and said that the number of people and houses caught in the mudslides were not available.


The center had reported 11 deaths as of Tuesday due to landslides and electrocution.


The Meteorological Department has forecast more rain and rough seas for much of the island nation.