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Election Day violence claims 10 lives in Philippines

Police has arrested two men and two women with guns for inciting violence

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Publish Date: May 9 2016 4:49PM | Updated Date: May 9 2016 4:55PM

Election Day violence claims 10 lives in Philippines

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10 people were declared dead in Philippines, when gunmen attacked polling stations, ambushed vehicles and stole vote counting machines on Monday. 


Around 7 people were shot dead in an ambush before dawn in Rosario, a town infamous for political violence, while a voter was shot dead inside polling station, in Guindulungan, a small impoverished town in the strife-torn southern Philippine province of Maguindanao, where warlord-politicians have their own private armies.


Also, in Catabato, while people were casting their votes, a grenade was launched at market which claimed the life of a bystander.


Apart from these nine deaths, in the northern province of Abra, also known for politicians killing each other, armed supporters of rival mayoral candidates shot at each other, leaving one person dead and two wounded.


In the town of Sultan Kudarat, where nation’s biggest Muslim rebel group domiciles, 20 men entered the voting center forcibly and took away voting machines with them. 


Police declared the incident to be one of its kinds and has also said the overall conduct of elections which will see a hustle of millions of people, to be overall peaceful.


The election is being conducted for president and 18,000 other positions.


In action taken by the police, two gunmen and two gunwomen got arrested in mountains of Lagayan which is 350 kilometers north of Manila.


According the National Police Poll of the country, fifteen people are already declared dead during elections, since the beginning of the year.


Talking about the elections, Rodrigo Duterte who is the mayor of southern Davao city is seen capable of winning the presidential elections.