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‘Company is using me’: Pierce Brosnan

Very well known MI6 agent, Pierce Brosnan says that Pan Bahar falsely used him to endorse all products

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Oct 21 2016 2:40PM | Updated Date: Oct 21 2016 2:41PM

‘Company is using me’: Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan, famous for his role as MI6 agent in James Bond series and is presently seen in advertisement of Pan Bahar, accuses the company of violating his contract by falsely presenting him as a brand ambassador for all of its products that also include tobacco containing ‘mouth freshener’. 


The actor in one of his statements says that he apologizes for causing offence to anyone in addition to the accusations he made against the company. 


The actor advocates that he has lost his loved ones including his wife and daughter to cancer, he is totally committed to support women healthcare and in no case will he support tobacco that causes cancer.


Brosnan says that the company, in its explicit contract said that he has to endorse breath freshener/ tooth whitener and he readily committed to endorse just ‘Pan Bahar’ that contains no hazardous product.


Nevertheless, the actor now demands to get his name removed from its advertising campaign as he was anonymous to the fact that he was endorsing something that harm someone’s health.