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Caught thief instead of Pokemon!

The young people were hunting for Pokemons on Nintendo’s Pokemon Go

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 1 2016 3:21PM | Updated Date: Sep 1 2016 3:21PM

Caught thief instead of Pokemon!

 Pokemon Go has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Some say that the game may invite trouble and some see it as threat to security but a strange case of New Zealand has landed in favor of the game where some fans grabbed a thief who broke into a car and held him until police arrived while playing Pokemon Go.

The young people were out hunting virtual cartoon characters in the North Island town of Napier on, when they heard a car alarm and saw a masked man run past.
The 28 years old accused will face theft charges on September 7.
This Nintendo game became an instant hit due to its real time gaming features and Google mapping to make animated characters appear in the real world.