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Polish athlete sells his medal to fund cancer patient

33 years old Polish discus thrower won the silver medal at Rio Olympics

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Publish Date: Aug 26 2016 1:04PM | Updated Date: Aug 26 2016 1:10PM

Polish athlete sells his medal to fund cancer patient
Photo: Piotr Malachowski
Polish athlete, Piotr Malachowski showcased attributes of a true sportsperson as well as a true human being when he auctioned his not just won but earned silver medal to fund treatment of a three years old boy battling cancer. 
He won silver medal at Rio Olympics.
The 33 years old Polish discus thrower announced an auction through his Facebook page by writing that he fought for gold in Rio Olympics and wants everybody to fight for something that is even more precious.  
Reportedly, he decided to auction his medal after receiving a letter from the mother of a boy called Olek who said he had been battling eye cancer for two years and that treatment in New York was his only hope.
He requested people to participate in auction by saying that with their help, he can turn his silver medal into gold for Olek. 
Interestingly, after getting a buyer for the medal, he wrote ‘Success’ on his Facebook page. 
The man showed true sportsman spirit by doing what he thought was best for helping Olek.