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Story of the First Nuclear Bomb Test

July 16 marks the 71st anniversary of the first nuclear weapon test

Publish Date: Jul 16 2016 5:25PM | Updated Date: Jul 16 2016 5:37PM

Story of the First Nuclear Bomb Test

 All the countries of this world possess different and hi-tech weapons today. The weapons include different kinds of guns, explosives and many more things. 

These weapons have always been used at the time of wars. This is due to these weapons only, the decision of winner and loser is made on the battle field. 
Mostly, one who has more hi-tech weapons wins and the other one loses.
Now, as we are talking about weapons, we ought to consider the father of all weapons and the mother of all weapons, 'The Nuclear Bomb'. 
Only the mention of the word 'Nuclear Bomb' is enough to run a chill through spine. 
Do you know about th first ever nuclear weapon test?
The first ever nuclear bomb test was conducted by United States Army on July 16, 1945 at 5:29:45 am, and today happens to be the 71st anniversary of the successful atom bomb test that changed the world around it.
The test was conducted in the Jornada del Muerto desert about 56 km southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, as part of the Manhattan Project. The test was given a code name called 'Trinity' and the site is now famous as 'Trinity site'. 
The name was given by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory. To everyone's surprise, Robert was inspired by metaphysical poet, John Donne. 
Another intersting thing, at the time of explosion, around 425 people were present as witnesses who were the part of this project. The people stayed in the base camp that was constructed at some distance from the site.
The bomb used around 20,000 tons of TriNitroToluene (TNT) to form mushroom cloud of searing light stretched 40,000 feet into the air.
The explosion was so mighty and powerful that the tower on which the bomb was placed, vaporized.
Having prior knowledge about the same, the scientists and few dignitaries, anticipated and removed themselves 10,000 yards away from the site to  get sight of explosion.
Nevertheless, around US $2 billion were consumed by the completion of Manhattan Project.
But the money did not pinch as the most useful and dangerous weapon at the same time was gifted to the world that, if used wisely, can do wonders for the existence of mankind.