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New app Prisma can transform photo to art

This iOS photo-enhancing app can turn photos to masterpieces like those of Van Gogh and Picasso

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jul 14 2016 1:28PM | Updated Date: Jul 14 2016 1:28PM

New app Prisma can transform photo to art

There has never been a shortage of Photo-filtering apps for iOS. Most recently another app called Prisma iPhone app’s launch, hailing from Russian software house Prisma Labs, has created a buzz.

The app is just a tiny 15MB free download app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It uses a server-side combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to apply the 33 different filters, which can be changed in intensity using a sliding scale.
The company describes it simply as an “editor for instagram” and has attracted a lot of attention owing to its art-inspired features from famous painters. However, like Instagram, Prisma images are square, and their shape cannot be changed.
This brainchild of Russian developers, uses artificial intelligence technology that goes beyond merely filtering by letting your photos mimic the work of modernist masters like Van Gogh and Picasso.
The app is currently available in 25 different countries and has achieved 300,000 downloads each day in 10 of those markets, leading developers scrambling to double their server capacity to process all the information. 
The instant art that result from this app has surely dazzled the users with its ability to automatically create art. That said, it can't replace a full-featured photo editing app such as PicsArt or even Instagram but an work as a single-function tool for turning your photos into works of art.