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Are we lacking patience with kids?

If brutal incidents against kids keep on happening, god knows what will happen to mankind

Publish Date: Jun 30 2016 3:41PM | Updated Date: Jun 30 2016 6:37PM

Are we lacking patience with kids?

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'Patience' is a very easy and common word. The basic meaning of this word is 'the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious'. 

But in today's world, the meaning of the word has lost somewhere in rage and anxiety and 'patience' is not really in practice these days. 
There are incidents that prove that what is said is perhaps true.
There was hype in media when news came regarding the brutal killing of a ninth class student on Wednesday night. 
Rajat, son of Palakkad native Unnikrishnan, was a student of Salwan Public school. The teenager was returning home from his tution with some of his friends, when he was accosted by the pan vendor, who accused him of stealing and was brutally beaten up by the vendor and his accomplices at a nearby park in Mayur Vihar. 
The pan vendor could have called the police and Rajat's parents but instead he tried to slove the matter on his own.  
Rajat was merely 14 years old child and was future of this country. 
This is not just one incident of its kind but there are several other incidents as well. 
In the month of April, an 11-year-old boy was beaten up for allegedly stealing 30 kg of wheat and forced to drink urine in a village in Bareilly.
In the same month itself, in Chittor, some boys aged between 13 to 15 were paraded naked and were beaten by the adult men until they bled. 
This happened when people from upper caste accused them of stealing their bikes. 
Unfortunately, this is not it. Recently, there was also an incident of some men allegedly beating and stripping a 15 years old boy in the capital of this country. The men also shot a video and posted it on a social media site. This incident provoked the child to commit suicide. Fortunately, he was saved. 
There are more incidents of such kind but all of them raise only one question, 'where is the 'patience'?'
Moreover, children are considered and surely are the future of any nation and India having the maximum number of around 35,60,00,000 people aged between 10 to 24, India has the largest source of energy that is needed to be directed towards something productive and substantial but if these cases keep on occuring, then only god knows what will happen to future of mankind.