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Liver transported 210 km to save life

Distance of 6 hours covered in 3.30 hours through Nashik-Pune green corridor

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 28 2016 1:25PM | Updated Date: Jun 28 2016 1:30PM

Liver transported 210 km to save life

Coming from a 69-year old man, her liver was efficiently transported to Pune for a 49-year old patient in a mere 3.36 hours through a non-stop green corridor between Nashik and Pune.


For swifter and efficient delivery of the organ, all traffic signals along the highway were shut for easy travel for the convoy. 


Subhash Bhanushali, the organ donor, suffered brain hemorrhage when she was admitted to Rishikesh hospital in Nashik. Her liver was then harvested and transported via the corridor to Sahyadri hospital in Pune. 


The organ donor was declared brain dead on Monday morning and after his family agreed to donate his organs, the medical teams decided to harvest kidneys, liver, eyes and skin for transplant. While the eyes and organs would be stored in the banks, the harvested kidneys would benefit a MD medicine doctor and a businessman, both residents of Nashik. 


Dr Manish Pathak, transplant anaesthetist at Sahyadri Hospital said, “After we were informed about a donor, we immediately travelled to Nashik, carried out the retrieval procedure and rushed back to Pune in around 3.5 hours via the green corridor arranged by Pune and Nashik traffic police. The patient, who is still in surgery, was suffering from nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) — liver inflammation — where damage is caused by a buildup of fat in the liver.”


Also, skin from thighs to ankle area was cleaned and removed which can be preserved for five years and will be used for burnt patients according to Rajendra Nehete, a burns specialist. 


For the patient suffering from fatty liver, which has an incidence rate of 30 per cent among all chronic liver diseases, the surgery is still on but this liver donation will help give himn a new lease of life.