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NGO started petition against court order

Four rescued and under treatment elephants were taken by the circus as per the Pune courts ordered

Mugdha Singh
Publish Date: Jun 23 2016 1:28PM | Updated Date: Jun 23 2016 3:33PM

NGO started petition against court order

Rights activists raised their voice against the “unsympathetic” court order that says that the rescued and under treatment elephants should be handover to their previous owners and NGO cannot keep them in the rescue center.


In a recent order Pune court, ordered that four suffering elephants that are used by a circus for illegal performances should be sent back to the Rambo Circus.


The order is based on a loophole created by an inadvertent procedural flaw in the confiscation process by the enforcement authorities, says spokesperson of the Wildlife SOS NGO.


“The four elephants have been forced to perform unnatural tricks in the circus for the decades. During evaluations of the circus, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) discovered severe violations of the law, including the illegal infliction of cruelty upon the elephants,” informed the source.


“As a result, the AWBI cancelled the circus’s permission to performance, and the CZA cancelled itsrecognition of the circus. The Central Zoo Authority then issued directions for the elephants to be confiscated and sent for medical treatment and rehabilitation, while the Animal Welfare Board of India also issued directions to seize the animals from the circus,” the spokesperson further shared with Policy Pulse.


In a joint operation, the District Collector of Pune, along with local police and officers of the AWBI carried out the confiscation and handed over all four elephants to Wildlife SOS for long-term care. Dogs and horses involved in the circus were sent to other organizations including PFA Pune, ResQ, and Animal Rahat.  


While the neglected elephants were being given urgently needed medical treatment, Rambo Circus challenged the rescue of the elephants in court, seeking custody of the elephants and other animals.


"The court was provided with detailed health reports on all of the elephants that explained in great detail the amount of brutality and suffering they had undergone, as well as injuries to their legs, rotting footpads, severe debilitation, wounds on their mouths, and swelling from circus beatings," source told us.


“Yet the court ordered against us. This decision impacts the elephants regardless of their debilitated state and compromised health – not to mention the cruelty they have already suffered at the hands of this circus. We are hoping to get full support from public, hence filed a petition to save life of these animals,” the spokesperson of the NGO cleared.


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