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Salman’s ‘Raped woman’ comment sparks controversy

The actor compared his shooting schedule to what a ‘raped woman’ feels like

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Publish Date: Jun 21 2016 1:35PM | Updated Date: Jun 21 2016 1:35PM

Salman’s ‘Raped woman’ comment sparks controversy
It seems Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s stride with controversies may not get over too soon. 
In yet another incident, that landed the actor in controversy, Salman apparently compared his hectic shooting schedule with condition of a "raped woman”, during an interview with ‘SpotboyE’. 
Talking about his character of his upcoming film ‘Sultan’, the ‘Dabangg’ star narrated how he had to pick up a man weighing 120 kg almost 10 times for five different camera angles. 
The workout lasted several hours and left his body in a great amount of pain. 
In response to a question on hectic shooting schedule for the film in which he plays a wrestler, he blurted out the deplorable statement.
According to the actor, this routine went on for six to seven hours. “It is like the most difficult thing,” said Salman, explaining what he felt like after a rigorous workout in the ring. 
This is what he said in his quote when he referred to himself as a “raped woman”: “When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.”
This statement had gone viral in the same day and the rest of the interview went unreported thus giving way to the social uproar. The controversial remark landed him in an outburst of lashing on social media. While some are supporting it saying it has been taken out of context, most are slamming it left, right and centre.
Realizing his grave mistake, he immediately retracted saying “I don't think I should have.” 
However, the National Commission of Women (NCW) on Tuesday sais that it sent a notice to the actor, asking why he gave that statement.
Seven days have been given to him to apologise else we will call him to the Commission, it added.