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90-yr-old braves blazing sun to get good monsoon

The man is praying in intense heat, under blazing sun for good rains from past two years

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 18 2016 4:01PM | Updated Date: Jun 18 2016 4:21PM

90-yr-old braves blazing sun to get good monsoon

An athlete of yesteryears, Jai Singh Yadav, sits under open sky under blazing sun at temple premises of drought hit area of Tikamgarh for good rain. Man is praying from 12 noon to 4pm for past two years. 


Frail, and full of wrinkles, the believer is determined to follow his daily ritual till parched Bundelkhand gets good monsoon. Sporting a white turban and bare chest, he also prays for well-being of girls.


Popularly known as dau sa'ab, Jai Singh said, "I began my prayers for wellbeing of girl child, but then I realized the whole region of Bundelkhand has been experiencing drought for past three years." 


"I started praying for good rains so that we can have better produce and easy life. The region is known for extreme weather conditions, whether it is dry winters or uncomfortably hot in summers," he added.


"I have yet to experience how it feels like sitting for three hours in rainfall, he said with a laugh. But the truth is that when I sit to pray, I get the feeling as if somebody is holding an umbrella over my head to protect me. Hot or cold, hunger or thirst, everything comes after my prayers are over,” shares Jai Singh.