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MEA has more crucial issues than Refrigerators, Venkat!

There was also a huge influx of comments after she tweeted him back

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Publish Date: Jun 14 2016 1:38PM | Updated Date: Jun 14 2016 1:45PM

MEA has more crucial issues than Refrigerators, Venkat!

Ministry of external affairs has to perform all sorts of duties. Being a prime minister of such a ministry is not an easy task. Despite of all her trips to abroad, Sushma Swaraj feels it important to be active on Twitter. 


Being a minister she tackles every sort of grievance. Really, every sort of grievance when people like Venkat tweets her saying, “Dear Ministers, @Samsung_IN sold me a defective refrigerator, they r not ready to replace ...Samsung REFRIGERATOR (RT28K3922RZ/HL), bearing serial # (03E04PAH201870M). @Samsung_IN is forcing me go for repair"


The person thought that the minister was free to deal with Samsung’s customer service as Venkat was not getting any kind of help from them.


Interestingly, anybody would easily ignore such tweet but Swaraj, very well active on Twitter, answered the person back by tweeting that, “Brother I cannot help you in matters of a Refrigerator. I am very busy with human beings in distress.”


Obviously, this was not it and the minister started to get every sort of comments.  


One fan tweeted, "that's the coolest reply : awesome". Another said, " Hilarious. Insane. Can't stop laughing!" Yet another said, "lolz! The Lady got some humor as well hahahaha."


Well, these were in her favour, some were sheer act of criticism and sarcasm on the Minster.


A person tweeted, “Sushma Ji, 2 Years. 39 Indians hostage of ISIS in Iraq. You assured they r alive. Since you are busy with humans, any update?”


She didn’t reply to the tweet. 


But by this incident one thing has become clear that Venkat, undoubtedly is a lucky man because there are few people who are answered back by the cabinet ministers.