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Monsoon weakens temporarily, revive soon: IMD

Rains in Maharashtra has been delayed as the monsoon is temporarily in state

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Publish Date: Jun 14 2016 10:42AM | Updated Date: Jun 14 2016 10:42AM

Monsoon weakens temporarily, revive soon: IMD

After advancing till north Karnataka on June 10, there has been no progress of the monsoon current, especially on the west coast. The 'monsoon like' rains happening on the Konkan coast north of Karnataka and Mumbai are weakened in last three-four days.

Monsoon has yet not reached Goa and the coastal parts of Maharashtra, even though this region has been getting 'monsoon like' rains from a few days.
The strength of the rain flow and its continuity are not enough to declare the onset of monsoon in this region. We expect revival in monsoon to happen from the evening of June 15, said Sunitha Devi, director (weather forecast), India Meteorological Department, PUNE.
According to the calculation, there should be cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal for the water scarce regions of Marathwada and the rain shadow region of Maharasthra to get rains. As this circulation is likely to happen from June 16, interior Maharashtra can get rainfall only after June 16, she added.
The Konkan coast of Maharasthra along with Mumbai has been getting rains due to westerly winds and thunderstorm. However, this rainfall activity too is likely to decrease in one or two days.
The monsoon is expected to further advance in North Bay of Bengal, some parts of north eastern states, sub-Himalayan West Bengal and Sikkim in next two to three days.
As a result of two back-to-back droughts, India has turned importer of wheat, maize etc. However, as the met department has forecast a La Nina event towards the end of the monsoon season, the industry is hopeful about being able to restart export of some agricultural commodities.