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Is wearing Jeans immoral?

Haryana government has reportedly asked teachers not to wear jeans in schools

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Publish Date: Jun 11 2016 1:40PM | Updated Date: Jun 11 2016 3:05PM

Is wearing Jeans immoral?

Days after PM Narendra Modi stated in Washington that that skirts have always been a part of the Indian Culture, giving example of sculptures at the 13-century Konark Temple in Odisha , on other hand, BJP government has barred school teachers from wearing jeans. 


According to a report of ‘The economic Times’, BJP lead Haryana government as asked teachers from desist from wearing jeans in schools as it is considered improper attire, especially in the rural areas. 


On behalf of director of state primary education RS Kharb, a notice mentioned that it has been noticed that the teachers of government primary and middle schools come to the schools wearing jeans. They are similarly clad when they visit the directorate for any work, which is not appropriate.


Interestingly, Haryana is not the only state doing this, as state additional chief secretary (school education) PK Das said some states, including Odisha, have a dress code for teachers. There, the uniform for male teachers is black pants and sky blue shirts and pink saris and black blouses for women. However, teachers boards are not happy with the decision. 


Leaders of one of the bodies Haryana Vidyalaya Adhyapak Sangh has decided to meet state education minister Ram Bilas Sharma on the issue.