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While Mumbai burned, top officials stayed in Pakistan

Former Home Sec clears his stand regarding 26/11 extended stay in Pakistan

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Publish Date: Jun 11 2016 11:29AM | Updated Date: Jun 11 2016 11:29AM

While Mumbai burned, top officials stayed in Pakistan

Forme home secretary Madhukar Gupta


After seven-and-a-half years of 26/11 attack, a revelation came in light that then home secretary Madhukar Gupta and some senior officials were persuaded by the hosts to extend their stay by a day at the picturesque hill retreat of Murree.

There does not seem to be any convincing explanation as to why senior home ministry officials chose to remain in Pakistan, the then home sec Madhukar Gupta clears on Indian delegation extending stay in Pakistan, on Saturday that they did find it odd about Murree. 
This is to mention that 26/11 attack which was launched just as India-Pakistan home-secretary talks ended in Islamabad on November 26, 2008.
Gupta said, I don’t know why reports are suggesting that we were holidaying in Murree. We only stayed for few hours because hosts made few arrangements. It is also inaccurate that there were no signal in Murree.
“I got a call from India, switched on TV, saw the attack in Mumbai and as soon as we saw terror strike, we spoke to whoever had to be spoken. Nobody knew 26/11 would happen,” Madhukar Gupta former Home Sec shared with ANI
It is speculation whether our stay was extended because they knew about 26/11 then we had no inkling. Duplicitous role of Pakistan is absolutely clear; it’s not the first time that they did something troublesome, Gupta, further added.
I am not sure what purpose it will serve to ask 8 yrs later if we were deliberately sent to Murree. Even NSG arrived late. How could that have changed with my physical presence, Gupta throws the question back.