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CBFC can see changes in near future: Arun Jaitley

He is 'not satisfied' with the present system

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Publish Date: Jun 10 2016 11:56AM | Updated Date: Jun 10 2016 4:44PM

CBFC can see changes in near future: Arun Jaitley
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With everybody, even the political parties and honorable ministers talking about ‘Udta Punjab’ it has become perhaps one of the most discussed movies of Bollywood and that too even before its release.
Amid a raging row over ‘Udta Punjab’, Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley  on Monday said movie certification norms have to be liberal and ‘some very radical changes’ will be announced over the next few days.
“I won’t say its overboard. I don’t know this case because I have not seen this film in question”, Jaitley told media. 
Also, he stated that he was ‘not satisfied’ with the existing system of film certification, butthere are some changes to be made. 
 He also said that in few days they are going to introduce some very radical changes in to the system. The Committee, he said, has suggested some changes.
While according to the CBFC ‘Udta Punjab’ which is a drug-themed crime thriller and is due to be released on June 17, the film needs several cuts on the ground that it casts the state in a bad light by giving an impression that most of them are addicts. The numerous cuts sought sparked a confrontation between Bollywood filmmakers, the censor board and political parties. 
The minister also said that he thinks that they are overstating it because at the end of the day people have a Board which takes a view which may be a little conservative view but then at the appeal tribunal with an appeal it can get disposed off. His experience has been almost everything then gets cleared.
Trying to play down the controversy, he said there are people in the system whose attitude may be little more conservative.
The minister said adding that, he looks at the big picture and the big picture is a Certification Board, people popularly call it Censor Board and they have the appeal tribunal. Now, whenever there is a problem at the level of the first body, people go to the next slab and almost in 99 per cent of the cases, with or without some changes it gets cleared by the next body. 
So, the changes regarding censorship, certification of the films and the most importantly freedom of expression through media are expected to be there in near future.