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116 and still young at heart

She challenges to break the world record for oldest living person of the planet

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Publish Date: May 16 2016 3:14PM | Updated Date: May 16 2016 3:37PM

116 and still young at heart
There are several world records for several different things. The list also includes world records for oldest living human beings. 
The record is with a Frenchwoman who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days. Also the oldest living person Susannah Mushatt Jones died last week. But to everyone’s surprise, another woman called Emma Morano, who has become the oldest living person on earth after Susannah’s death, claims to live in 2020s and break the present world record. 
The eldest of eight children, Morano was born on November 29, 1899. She has outlived all her younger siblings, the last sister having died five years ago at the age of 102.
Although, Morano cannot walk, does not see well enough to watch television, Morano's extraordinary longevity, more broadly Italy's high number of centenarians, is a subject of much fascination among scientists.
Morano’s doctor visits her once a week is proud to have her as a patient, reported by ‘’
Morano has everyday, atleast one raw egg and regular portions of raw minced steak. Maybe, that’s the secret behind her 116 years of existence. 
Apart from these, she also enjoys night snacks of apple puree and biscuits.
Morano’s love life doesn’t seem to be good. Her true love died in world war one and she did not have a happy married life.
Morano turned 116 last year in November.