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Sting operation confirms Dawood's address

Channel claims that everyone in the area know that Dawood lives there

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Publish Date: May 13 2016 11:53AM | Updated Date: May 13 2016 11:53AM

Sting operation confirms Dawood's address

 A sting operation by a national television channel has claimed that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim indeed living in Karachi's Clifton locality, a posh area of the city .

It shows address of Dawood's bungalow as D 13, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, an address which has been shared by India with Pakistan on earlier occasions several times.
Channel claimed that everyone in the area knew that Dawood lived there.
Reacting to the TV report, the Centre said it will continue to follow its case that Pakistan hand over 1993 Mumbai blasts mastermind back to India.
"News reports referred only verifies the facts that were already available with us. We will continue to pursue this case and we expect Pakistan to hand over this international terro rist to us," MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup told reporters at a media briefing.
He added that India in the past shared details of Dawood, with Islamabad. "Dawood Ibrahim is a UN-designated global terrorist and a fugitive from Indian law, at several point of time his details have been shared by the Indian government with the govern ment of Pakistan," he added.
Video  shows Dawood's house flanked by a cricket stadium on one side and a wedding and banquet hall on the other.
Dawood is wanted in India for last 23 years and Pakistan has always denied his presence there even after irrefutable evidence provided by Indian Government.