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Pollution level decreases in Delhi: WHO Report

The capital of India is now on 11th number in the global list of polluted cities

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Publish Date: May 12 2016 12:24PM | Updated Date: May 12 2016 12:24PM

Pollution level decreases in Delhi: WHO Report

Delhi no longer world’s most polluted city as the place was taken by Zabol city, Iran. Indian cities Gwalior and Allahbad are on second and third place respectively. The report of World Health Organization (WHO) is released on Thursday.


Last year the organization had monitored 1400 cities for the study, but this time, they have added1600 more cities from across the globe which made the total count 3000. The report also suggests that more than 80% of the city people are inhaling bad air which creates adverse results in their respiratory health.

According to the report, the reading of fine Particulate Matter (PM) in the air is 2.5 in Zabol which makes the city the most polluted one. Apart from Gwalior and Allahbad, Patna and Raipur are also in the early ranking of most polluted cities in the world. 
If PM reads 2.5 then it is more than 12 times from the safety standard of WHO, suggests the report. The data also showed an increase of 8% in the outdoor pollution in the last five years especially in the fast-growing cities of the developing nations.
Delhi’s number is 25th on terms of PM 10 levels which denotes Coarse Pollution Particles. Overall India now has 16 of the world’s top 30 polluted cities. Experts claimed that an increase in fossil fuel consumption has increases the pollution levels in India.