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Students take cheating to another level

Students of Rangsit University, Thailand use hi-tech gadgets for cheating

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: May 11 2016 3:01PM | Updated Date: May 11 2016 3:39PM

Students take cheating to another level

Exams! The word itself is a whole cause of tension. We all remember small cheating acts that we used to execute. Whether asking some answers from the other children, asking for help from our acquaintances or sometimes carrying and passing of some chits with answers written on them. 


Carrying chits to the examination hall was itself an act of blunder but some students of a University of Thailand have taken cheating to another level. A level that is unimaginable.


The university caught these students using smart watches and cameras concealed in glasses to cheat during entrance exam resulting in the cancellation of exams for other students as well.


This incident had taken place at Rangsit University.


Consequently, these students have been blacklisted by the university after concealed cameras were detected in their glasses and smart watches that they were wearing.


These students left the three-hour test after 45 minutes and sent the exam questions to an unnamed team in a different location, which then passed on the answers to the students still in the room via the smart watches.


This incident has forced to reschedule the exam for May 31 and June 1.