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Google marks 100th b'day of Claude Shannon

Google celebrates the 100th birthday of the ‘father of information theory’ with an interactive doodle!

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Publish Date: Apr 30 2016 12:42PM | Updated Date: Apr 30 2016 12:45PM

Google marks 100th b'day of Claude Shannon
Search engine giant Google celebrated the 100th birthday of the Claude Shannon with a beautiful interactive doodle.
The visitors on the page are greeted with a dynamic doodle which is the internet giant's way of giving tribute to the American mathematician.
Google has placed a share button just below the doodle. When a user clicks on it, Google shares the doodle on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.
Claude Shannon was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, and cryptographer also known as "the father of information theory".
Shannon is famous for having founded information theory with a landmark paper that he published in 1948.