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PM calls for need to conserve rain water

News of good rainfall this monsoon is great but it brings challenges as well, he says

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Publish Date: Apr 24 2016 11:57AM | Updated Date: Apr 24 2016 11:57AM

PM calls for need to conserve rain water
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called for the need to conserve and store rain water in villages.
In his 19th radio address  to nation through 'Mann ki Baat' programme, the PM said, “News of good rainfall this monsoon is great but it brings challenges as well. We need to look into how to maximize crop productivity”.
He also appreciated the efforts of the Indian Railways as well as common people in battling the ongoing drought in the country.
"The railways was swift in sending water to Latur. It is very commendable. There are many water conservation initiatives taken by common people across the country which never receive the due recognition," Modisaid in the programme. 
Modi gave the example of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra where the farmers have stopped producing crops which require more water. 
"The farmers have decided not to produce sugarcane. They have switched to fruits and vegetables which require less water," he added.
Modi also spoke about his government’s ambitious plan to clean the Ganga river and said that it is an essential water resource, which should be conserved and cleaned.
On the education front the PM dwelled on the need to shift focus from schooling to learning.
"So far, the government was focussed on spreading education across the country. But the time has come to shift focus on quality education. Now, the government should emphasise more on learning rather than schooling," the PM said.
During the programme, Modi also congratulated those families who gave up their subisidy willingly for the benefit of the poor.
“Earlier, the number of gas cylinders to be made available to people used to be an agenda of polls. But, I chose to believe citizens of the country and I can proudly say that today, around 1 crore families have surrendered their gas subsidies, and they are mostly middle-class families”, said PM.