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Kohinoor : Who Actually Owns It ?

Both India and Pakistan, apart from Afghans, claim Kohinoor diamond is theirs

Vinni Japra
Publish Date: Apr 19 2016 5:10PM | Updated Date: Apr 19 2016 5:16PM

Kohinoor : Who Actually Owns It ?

 Government has told the Supreme Court that it was neither stolen nor was it forcible taken. Decision on who owns the kohinoor sets to be put right.

The Centre has said , "the Kohinoor diamond was handed over to the Queen of England as per a legal agreement. It was was given to the British by Maharaja Ranjit Singh after he was defeated in the Anglo-Sikh War of 1849".
Pakistan also claimed that it was taken from Sikh empire of Lahore and it does not belong to India now.
Descendants of Maharaja Ranjit Singh have claimed that the diamond is theirs and that they want it back.
Jaswinder Singh Sandhanwalia, who lives in Amsterdam said, " what is rightfully theirs should be returned."
Apart from that, Afghans also have reason to believe the Kohinoor belongs to them. A report in ‘The Guardian’ from 2000 says that the Taliban had asked the Queen to give the Kohinoor back to Afghanistan as they claimed that Ranjit Singh forced Durranis to surrender it.
After Punjab was conquered in 1849, everything that belonged to Sikh empire was confiscated and went into the treasury of the British East India Company in Lahore — this included the Kohinoor diamond. The Queen, who was in Britain, received the Diamond in July 1850 and later fixed to it into the Queen’s crown.
After Independence, Indian Government made a request seeking the Kohinoor diamond. They believed it was rightfully theirs but the request was made in vain. In 1953 again, during coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, India requested to have it back. However, the British for the second time refuted India’s claims and said the ownership is non-negotiable.
Indian Government in April 2016 said, "it is not right for India to stake claims in the diamond as it was rightfully handed over to the British as per the treaty that Ranjit Singh signed".
Adding to this govt also said, "Under the Antiquities and Art Treasure Act, 1972, the only items the Archaeological Survey of India can retrieve are those that were illegally exported out of the country and this excluded items that were taken out before independence".
PIL was filed by All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front which was seeking directions to the High Commissioner of United Kingdom for return of the diamond besides several other treasures.