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FB launches desktop updates for WhatsApp and Messenger

Update is for Windows 10 along with most notable feature- the voice and video calling

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Oct 24 2016 3:06PM | Updated Date: Oct 24 2016 3:08PM

FB launches desktop updates for WhatsApp and Messenger

Social media giant Facebook has updated its Messenger as well as WhatsApp apps for Windows 10 and the most notable feature that has been incorporated is the voice and video calling. 


Now users will not have to close the app and then open the browser to call friends on the Facebook and WhatsApp lists. Now the Windows apps will work similar to the Android apps with full functionality. 


Users can see a phone icon at the top right corner of the chat screen. If the person the user is trying to call is active, the button becomes green and the call can be made just by tapping it. 


Yet, the desktop app for Windows is still not quite robust like the Android and iOS versions. According to several reports, Facebook started rolling out the feature last week itself.


This update comes a few months after the Facebook app for Windows 10 allowed users to record and share Live broadcasts from their desktop and tablet. The unique feature is currently limited to Windows 10 devices. 


Meanwhile, WhatsApp released its new application for Windows making it easier to use WhatsApp Web on the desktops. WhatsApp just updated the web wrapper to version 0.2.2234 by getting a few brand new features. 


The upgrade includes search within chat, a button to share animated gifs, users can browse shared images and also some User Interface improvements. Since WhatsApp for Windows is basically a web wrapper for WhatsApp Web, the update is automatic. As of now, it is a beta release, and a select few users will get the update before it starts working for ever user.


As of now VoIP calling is a great addition at Facebook Messenger. In July, the company had said 10 percent of all VoIP calls go through Messenger. In September it has informed that out of its more than a billion monthly active Messenger users, over 300 million of them are voice and video callers.