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Hitachi launches ‘TonerSaver’ to cut printing costs

This window based software is ideal for the organizations as it saves cost substantially

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Publish Date: Oct 17 2016 3:09PM | Updated Date: Oct 17 2016 3:12PM

Hitachi launches ‘TonerSaver’ to cut printing costs
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Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HSMC), a popular IT firm has unveiled ‘TonerSaver’, which is a windows based software designed to reduce toner consumption of a printer up to 75 percent. 
The software is designed in such a way that by using patented printer driver algorithms, the software controls toner ink usage and decreases the consumption of ink and toner at an increased rate of 1 percent, hence it cuts the costs.
The software auto detects laser and inkjet printers and applies optimized saving technology for each type of printer.
According to the company, this software is ideal for most of the organizations as it saves cost substantially. 
The company will provide free customer support, maintenance release (bug fix) and version up support to all customers.