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‘Ran-Neeti’ too is in poll fray

Software set to handle Election Campaign Management in coming Punjab assembly elections

Avinash Singh
Publish Date: Oct 7 2016 2:41PM | Updated Date: Oct 11 2016 4:59PM

‘Ran-Neeti’ too is in poll fray
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You have heard about Rajniti and Kutniti: Now it is time for ‘Raj-Neeti’. The next round of assembly polls in India, due in five states in the first quarter of 2017, will go digitally high-tech with a group bringing in ‘Raj-Neeti’,  the first web and App-based digital political campaign management module. The beginning is being made in Punjab, followed by UP, Uttrakhand, Goa and Tripura. 
The system includes the following features: 
Web & App-based software to revolutionise electioneering in India; Punjab takes the lead
India’s first Digital Election Campaign Management Module promises sizable increase in individual vote share
Module  to contribute to Election Commission of India's endeavour to increase voter participation
Ran-Neeti that promises to revolutionise the entire electioneering mechanism has started making its mark in Punjab where electioneering, despite the fluid situation, is already on and things are heating up by the day. 
The use of the software assures: Significant boost in voting percentage of individual candidates; empowering booth level workers to do instant daily updates; authentic continuous voter surveys, providing a two-way communication channel between the candidate and the voter and a potent mobilising force in booth management on the day of the polling resulting in enhanced polling.
The digital module consists of 4 parts - data analysis, voter’s survey, ‘karyakarta’ (volunteer) and his relationship manoeuvres and polling day booth management.  
“The digitised mechanism is a great force multiplier that facilitates receiving and analysing data from a large number of volunteers active in various segments simultaneously,” underline, Mr Shirish Shukla and Mr Shelendra Patel, the two directors of Inspire Group from Indore, promoters of the product. 
Mr Shukla says this is tomorrow’s technology today. “It is a landmark development that the traditional election campaign management can be handled through a lap top, a server and a few smart phones.” 
The meticulously-designed, technology-powered system that works with clockwork precision should increase votes polled in favour of individual candidates by a discernible 10-15%, holds Mr Shukla. “This is crucial because in today’s scenario elections are being won and lost on razor thin margins ranging 1 per cent to 5 per cent. The software would significantly boost winning chances of anyone using the software. Electioneering with Ran-Neeti, adds Mr Patel, is all set to enter a new era.
Elaborating on the module, Mr Shukla said, “It provides a candidate a virtual key to a constituency allowing a 360 degree insight. The App provides a complete list of voters in a particular seat -- be it State Assembly or Parliamentary district, ward wise, gender wise, caste and religion wise and past political leanings of the family (if any)."
Daily updates are made through the party worker of the candidate in any constituency. 
The module, the makers insist, is the most useful device to strengthen the connectivity between the contestant, the karyakarta & the voter and vice versa. It can broadcast information from control room to the ground level worker and provides a tool to the latter to report on day to day basis. 
It helps parties and candidates get real-time information and statistics on the voter of each booth. Candidate apart, it can easily be adopted by a political party.
Another significant USP of the ‘Ran-Neeti’ is that it enables the candidate to monitor his/her own campaign within grasp of candidate’s palm. This App also activates near real-time connect and coordination between Karyakarta and the war room, enhancing the resource management and optimizing deployment making the approach more targeted, accurate and effective.
‘Ran-Neeti’ has been developed by a team of researchers following a very strict regimen and parameters. It has been tested and tried in the previous elections across party lines/candidates with a proven dependability.  The module works on every vote counts principle. With just a click of a button, any information or analysis is accessible to candidate on his/her Mobile Phone.
“Mostly elections are managed from top to downward but Ran-Neeti reverses the trend. The flow of information starts from grass-root level and helps formulate the election strategy on an everyday basis. Since it works offline – the software is installed in candidate’s system with ‘karaykarta’ has information on respective booths allotted on their cell phones through App – it is hundred per cent leak proof. Information can be shared from ‘karyakarta’ (worker) to candidate with message getting listed on the server. It does not stay with the volunteer sending,” Mr Shukla revealed.
The candidate will have information on the preference of voters towards a particular contender and party after a thorough pre-poll survey of the seat being contested with all the past results. With availability of contact details, date of birth and profession of the voter, the candidate can establish a direct rapport with the electorate sending personal messages, birthday, anniversary greetings with App that provides the political agenda of the contestant and its adversaries besides how he/she plans to tackle the problems of the area. The module can play a key role on the seats where the victory margins have been wafer thin. The App would have given a tentative list of favourable voters who the candidate could mobilise specifically during the run up,” added Mr Shukla.
Another most significant highlight of this unique web and App-synched module is that it contributes to the noble efforts of Election Commission of India to increase voters’ participation in elections and thereby strengthening Indian democracy. 
Salient features of Ran-neeti software 
1. Ran-Neeti is a web and mobile based platform operating on SAAS model. It is first of its kind software for managing elections/ political campaigns digitally.
2. Ran-Neeti is the world’s first digital political platform which can do real-time monitoring of progress and it helps to increase the voting percentage immensely even on the day of election.
3. Ran-Neeti is a specially designed software (Web + App based) to manage election pan-India.
4. Ran-neeti works on “Every vote counts” policy, it manages every vote and sometimes even single valuable vote creates huge difference.
5. Most of the disappointing results come due to lack of co-ordination and planning. Ran-Neeti digitally manages election effectively.
6. Mostly elections are managed from top level to bottom level but Ran-Neeti manages it from grass root (booth level) to top level. 
7. Ran-neeti works on 4 functions, which manages the entire election process digitally.
8. Data Analysis is first division of Ran-neeti, it manages data of the entire assembly and generates various reports like age wise/family wise/ surname wise etc.
9. Past election analysis can be done through this software.
10. This software separates Dohre matdata (dual voters) of assembly.
11. It is time and cost saving tool for effective election management.
12. This is an important software to strengthen the connectivity between party headquarter, karyakarta &
13. Ran-neeti is the most potent medium to directly reach and influence voters.
14. It can broadcast information from Headquarters to the ground level worker.
15. It helps you get information on voters status of each booth.
16. It further helps in catalization of data.
17. Deployment of teams is possible with this app.
18. It even helps you identify in which booth your karyakartas are not working properly so, that
necessary steps can be taken.
19. Provides  information on which booth voting is less which can be a major factor in making the party win.
20. It helps in real time tracking of each and every booth, whether it is distribution of voters slip or a case of bogus voting, every information goes to the headquarters through our app in a fraction of seconds.
21. It prevents bogus voting.
22. The software is in alignment with India’s Make in India / Made in India initiative.
23. Before election any party / individual candidate can do a poll survey on mobile through our app to find out who the most favorable candidate is and who can win the elections.
24. It is also very easy to use. Just one needs to click on the upload button to share any information or image and it directly goes to the server and the headquarter gets to.
25. Voter survey can be done very effectively for getting information about Caste/ Religion/ Minority voter/Mobile no.
26. Favorable and non favorable voter can be identified through voter survey.
27. Ran-neeti helps you to know strong or weak booths.
28. On polling day it can provide information about total voting done/ favorable voting done etc.
29. On polling day it provides information about higher voting booth and lower voting booth.
30. Through App booth agents get list of the voters who did not cast vote till then on pooling day.
31. It’s an internal tool. It prevents leaking of information. Very safe to use.
32. This app even helps you track the performance of the candidate before, during & after Vidhan
Sabha, Lok Sabha or other elections
33. It can be customized as per party’s or candidate’s need.