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Now say ‘Allo’ to your friends in Hindi

Google has also launched several other features besides Allo

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 30 2016 3:29PM | Updated Date: Sep 30 2016 3:29PM

Now say ‘Allo’ to your friends in Hindi

Google cleared its intentions of entering chat apps markets very well when it launched ‘Allo’, instant messaging app loaded with features like machine-learning last week. But now it has made it even clearer that how eager it is to conquer Indian markets as it has released support for a second language, Hindi. 

Through the support in Hindi, speakers of the fourth most popular language in the world will be able to interact more comfortably with the app which will also naturally result in better machine-learning. 
Apart from this, Google has also launched a new data saving version of Google Chrome for better functionality over 2G and 3G networks.
Moreover, Google Station is going to provide public Wi-Fi hotspots in various railway stations across the Indian subcontinent. 
Besides India, these projects will be released in other countries in few months.