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More than feature, R’Jio caught attention when PM Narendra Modi posed for its advertisements

M Khalid Aftab
Publish Date: Sep 20 2016 1:36PM | Updated Date: Sep 20 2016 3:42PM


 As soon as Mukesh Ambani – Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited launched the much hyped Reliance Jio, the cheapest data rates plan globally; it became the talk of the town. More than its feature, R’Jio caught people’s attention when Prime Minister Narendra Modi posed for its advertisements. Aftab ties to unbutton the ‘Ad Controversy’ as well as explore more about Reliance Jio


Many slam Reliance Jio for featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The day its advertisement started to float in digital world, people—especially the twitter brigade— started questioning the morals of central government for promoting the private endeavor.


Mukesh Ambani announced Reliance Jio 4G during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Mumbai on September 1. As part of its marketing tactic, the company put out full page advertisements of Reliance Jio in many national dailies on the very next day.


The ad was not an ordinary one as it was featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo in the advertisements. The ad reads, “Dedicated to India and 1.2 billion Indians.” Ambani also said that it’s his contribution to Modi’s Digital India dream.


“In the journey of time, there come a few life changing moments. Our honourable Prime Minister’s inspiring vision of a Digital India is one such movement. Jio is dedicated to realising our Prime Minister’s Digital India vision for 1.2 billion Indians. Jio Digital Life will give the power of data to each Indian, to fulfill every dream and collectively take India to the global digital leadership,” Ambani added during AGM.


“Jio Modi Jio” – Political Controversy


As the ad appeared people started reacting to this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took to Twitter and called Modi “PM as Mr Reliance”. In a series of tweets Delhi CM reminded Prime Minister that his coziness with Reliance will create a problem in next Lok Sabha election.


Kejriwal specifically tweeted, “Modi ji, you keep advertising for Reliance. People of this country will teach you a lesson in 2019.”


But it’s not only the political rival Kejriwal, who tweeted against PM’s gesture but many others also questioned the legality of using Modi’s picture in the advertisement run by an conglomerate. The question arise that why BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) a government organization was neglected badly.


A number of people in government machineries raised finger over it and said, “Modi should think first about government projects rather endorsing the private companies.” “Upgrade spectrum could be provided to BSNL to launch 4G services or equivalent schemes under the super vision of supreme leader as well as he can promote the new schemes as the brand ambassador. But, the PM had made his efforts to promote Reliance jio as brand ambassador.”


Ambani’s Stand Against Controversy


Dismissing all the allegations over the ad, Ambani clarifies that the vision of Prime Minister has inspired him and Jio and that is why we are dedicating our service to the India’s leader, to India and 1.2 billion Indians and there’s nothing political about this.”


Jio is a Tech, Not Telecom Company. Talking about R’Jio, Ambani said, “Latest technology is my obsession and I wish I was 30 years old today so I can see more inventions. Opportunities are huge in this era.”


Well, with the ad that has gone viral, Reliance got much more publicity than it could ever get and Mukesh Ambani should thank ‘PM Modi’ for it!


Confusion between Reliance 4G (RCom 4G) and Reliance Jio (Jio 4G)


Both the companies—Reliance 4G and Jio 4G— are different along with different frequency as RCom 4G is running on 850 Mhz while Jio 4G is running on Band 40 (2300 Mhz) but both the 4G networks are managed by same infrastructure owned by Jio. However, Jio customers would get some more benefits like access to Jio series apps besides Jio 4G data plans would be over 50% cheaper than RCom 4G.


Mukesh Ambani led telco has built solid data network and present in most of the highways and villages, even where 2G networks are not available. But in case of RCom 4G, RCom customers would be able to access 2G and 3G networks of Reliance Mobile and Aircel, depends on circle to circle. Also Jio’s VoLTE faces issues as sometimes the call quality is poor & cracks so RCom’s regular voice would give them an edge over Jio.


Features of Reliance Jio


Reliance Jio is world's largest startup with Rs 150,000 crore investment and recently launched by Mukesh Ambani.


Here are some key aspects that make Reliance Jio different from all the existing telecom providers:


*Free Voice Calls: Jio will be the first telecom provider to offer free voice calls across India. There is no concept of national roaming charges, only international roaming charges are applicable.


*Built For Data: Unlike all existing telecom providers, Jio is not built for voice. It has created all-IP network centered around the ever growing data needs of the Indian populace.


*Cheapest Data Plans: With Jio, data plans start from Rs 149/month. In addition, while other providers offer data packs for 2G/3G for Rs 150 to 250 per GB, Jio will offer customers 4G data at Rs 50 per GB. It will also offer unlimited 4G data at night.


*Maximum Coverage: Jio is the largest only 4G LTE network in the world and will cover 90% of India’s population by March 2017, with presence in over 18,000 cities and 2 lakh villages.


*No Blackout Days, No Surge Pricing: Unlike other telcos, Jio users will not have any blackout days or surge pricing on important days and festivals.


*Future Ready: With its recent investment in telecommunication infrastructure, the network is future ready for technological advances to 5G, 6G and beyond. The data capacity is also burstable, implying it can support more data when users and consumption increases.


*Simple Tariff Plans: Unlike most telcos, which offer a wide range of plans depending on the user’s voice and data usage, Jio will offer just 10 tariff plans based on data alone. The plans are extremely simple to follow and don’t overburden users with excessive options.


Important things to know before you get Jio 4G SIM


*The Jio is a hardcore 4G service. It would not work on feature phones, 2G or 3G phones. So, make sure you have a phone with 4G compatibility. However, Reliance JIo tied up with Intex and already launched budget Android smart phones with LTE support.


*To make calls, Jio uses VoLTE network or data connection, so for voice calling data usage would be high.


*To make calls to GSM means calls to Airtel and Vodafone numbers etc, you will have to install an app called ‘Jio Join’ because the calls will use interconnecting infrastructure that current telecom operators use.


*If you want a Jio SIM and are in Delhi or Mumbai, go to a Jio store with your Aadhar card, this will simplify the process of getting the SIM. In other parts of the country, the same process will be rolled out soon.


*The Jio SIM cards are free. Jio's Data, Voice, Video and the full bouquet of Jio applications and content will be available free for everyone till December 31, 2016.


*Jio services are free until December 31, after that you will pay around Rs 50 per GB. But students will get 25 per cent more data once the commercial plans get active.