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Apple’s new device may measure body heat

Apple has also filed a patent application for its new wearable heat detecting device

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Aug 12 2016 2:29PM | Updated Date: Aug 12 2016 2:31PM

Apple’s new device may measure body heat
Apple, the giant of technology is planning to release a heat measuring wearable device for which it has also filed a patent application.
US based one of the leading IT companies has planned to work on a device which can measure electrocardiographic (ECG) signals to monitor health of one’s heart. 
Apple has reportedly contacted US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) whose publication shows Apple’s new strategy to enter health care industry.
As per company’s design, the device is going to replace traditional ECG machine. To use the device user will have to undergo an enrolment process where readings will be taken from different parts of the body.
Talking about device’s looks, it may look like a ring or a bracelet or even like a wist watch.