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MediaTek announces two SoCs chips

The chips are low power efficient and slim packaged that provide size and are cost efficient

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Aug 5 2016 3:11PM | Updated Date: Aug 5 2016 3:11PM

MediaTek announces two SoCs chips
World renowned IT company MediaTek has declared the availability of two new System on Chips (SoCs), MT7687 and MT7697 that can be used for home gateway solutions and smart electronics like smart washing machine, refrigerators, air-conditioners and other home appliances.
The company has said that the chips will be available across Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 
Talking about the two, MT7687 is WiFi enabled and allows home and smart allowances to connect to and be controlled through a home network. Also, it would provide advanced security, integrated memory, and an enhanced user programmable microcontroller.
Apart from that, the SoCs would come with the ability to transmit at a maximum power output of 21dBm.
The other one, MT7697 is a series of chips to integrate the IoT at homes. This chip would support Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi and it supports Bluetooth Low Energy known as BLE in IT world. The chip is made to provide highest integration among comparable SoCs, combining and optimizing DB Wi-Fi, BLE, CM4 and RAM.
Interestingly, both the chips are low power efficient and slim packaged that would provide size and will be cost efficient, as the company claims.