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‘Solar Power Tree’ to rotate with sunlight

The tree is capable of capturing maximum sunlight to produce power using it

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Publish Date: Jul 27 2016 3:01PM | Updated Date: Jul 27 2016 3:05PM

‘Solar Power Tree’ to rotate with sunlight
Demo Photo
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) in West Bengal is planning to upgrade ‘solar power tree’ that is capable of catching maximum solar energy.
 The tree was inaugurated by Union Minister of Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan.
 The tree takes only four square feet of space and captures that much amount of solar energy that is sufficient to run five households as it uses four square feet of land to produce 5KW of power.
 The tree has been given the name ‘solar power tree’, mainly because it resembles a tree with branches at different tiers. Also, the institute is planning to add a rotating motor to help it keep in touch with changing sunlight. 
 Also, the branches hold up the 30 photovoltaic panels.
 Talking about the cost of the tree, it costs around Rs 5 lakh with battery back-up. and the system costs around 
 Interestingly, the device can be set up on rooftops and highways.