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WhatsApp to let users send messages with quotes

GIF support would also be roll out soon on WhatsApp, along with video calling feature

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Jun 11 2016 1:19PM | Updated Date: Jun 11 2016 1:19PM

WhatsApp to let users send messages with quotes

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has rolled out another update for its beta version, which would let users send messages with quotes. This would enable users to quote somebody else's message(s) at the time of replying.


Users need to select the type of message they want to reply to, following which a reply button comes up. They have to tap the button, type in the reply and send it to the other person. After this the message will be sent and the reply will appear in quotes. The feature works in both one-on-one as well as in the group chats.


The new feature will prove to be quite useful during group chats, as people can address specific person to whom they are replying to. With this feature other users in the group can be also be able to differentiate as to which message is for them and which is not.


Another added feature is that users can also preview the quoted message inside a box. The new message quote feature works for text, photos and videos. Recently, a report also suggested that WhatsApp may also roll out GIF support for its users.


A recent report suggested that the latest version of WhatsApp will also support the autoplay of GIF images and users will also be able to embed GIFs directly into their chats.