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First locally made Maglev launched by China

Apart from Maglev, China is on the path of launching first Hybrid train

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: May 7 2016 12:36PM | Updated Date: May 7 2016 12:36PM

First locally made Maglev launched by China
China launched its first fully locally made magnetic levitated train, famous by the name maglev, on Friday. The train was launched in one of its cities, Changsha. 
The middle-to-low speed train launched in Changsha city’s Hunan province will connect the local railway station to the airport. The distance is approx 18 kilometers. The train can go up to 100kms per hour and has a capacity of 365 passengers. 
The building of the train took two years and an expenditure of $710 million. 
The train will take just 19 minutes and 30 seconds to cover the journey with just one stop between. 
There is also a low speed maglev which is chosen because the distance involved is less. Another reason is that, it costs less to build as compared to the high speed trains. 
The cost of tickets is about 20 Yuan which is equal to approximately Rs200. 
Apart from Changsha, another Chinese city Changchun is all set to launch China’s first hybrid railway that can run on two or three different kinds of energy.
The hybrid train can catch the speeds between 120 and 160 kilometers per hour.
The trail of the train which will enable china to shift from the use of electricity to a non-electrified system is all set to begin next month.  The trail is done to ensure product quality, safety and efficiency before it gets ready for commercial use. The trail will take approximately six months.