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Wow! World’s tiniest thermometer is here

The thermometer is about 20,000 times smaller than a hair strand and is made up of real DNA.

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Publish Date: May 4 2016 5:01PM | Updated Date: May 4 2016 5:01PM

Wow! World’s tiniest thermometer is here

Nanotechnology, as the name suggests is also known as the application of scientific and engineering principles to make and utilize very small things is no less than a magic.


Nanotechnology has a diverse range of applications across many fields of study like physics and chemistry. But its latest Nano thermometer is the true example of the technology's potential.


So, team of researchers from the University of Montreal, Canada has created the world's smallest programmable thermometer which is about 20,000 times smaller than a strand of human hair. And the best part is that the thermometer is made of actual DNA.


With such a small size, it might get difficult to note the temperature but the nano thermometer is designed to be an effective solution for this problem.


According to the team of researchers, the idea of the thermometer came from a 60-year old discovery involving the unfolding of DNA molecules when heated to certain temperatures.


Inspired by these natural miniscule thermometers, the University of Montreal's researchers have engineered DNA structures capable of folding and unfolding at specific temperature points.


The Nano thermometer will be capable of solving a range of unanswered questions in the fields of science and technology, and the team is now also working on refining the device even more and incorporating it into new electronic devices.


These capabilities of Nano technology can also create a revolution in the fields of health and medical sciences.