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Huawei P9 to have 5.9 inch screen

With full HD, 1080p resolution the handest is al set to release next month

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Mar 25 2016 1:47PM | Updated Date: Mar 25 2016 1:47PM

Huawei P9 to have 5.9 inch screen

 While there is still much mystery surrounding Huawei’s April 6 launch event in London, there is new information on a stripped-down version of the flagship P9 has been unveiled. 

Retail branding is not yet known for this handset — we’re calling it the P9 “Lite,” though its internal codename is Huawei Venus — but a person familiar with the phone tipped several of its key features.
Unlike last year’s P8 Lite, whose specs trailed the regular P8 in nearly every category, this year’s “Lite” model attempts to achieve budget friendliness with strategic changes and omissions. First of all, it’s supposedly not any smaller than the 5.2-inch P9, and even more surprisingly, retains its full HD, 1080p resolution as well. Moreover, it is said to feature the same amount of RAM: 3GB.
The cuts were described as applying to the system-on-a-chip, which should be lower-end than the P9’s Kirin 950 from Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon. They continue on the body of the device which, unlike the standard P9, will apparently not be fully metal. And of course those dual cameras, a signature feature of the upcoming flagship, are also missing. “Lite,” or Venus, does manage to incorporate a rear fingerprint scanner, in the same manner as all of Huawei’s top-of-range handsets since 2014’s Mate 7.