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Forced to sign second affidavit: Bureaucrat in Ishrat Jahan case

Former bureaucrat alleged that changes were made during UPA Govt

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Publish Date: Mar 2 2016 1:39PM | Updated Date: Mar 2 2016 1:39PM

Forced to sign second affidavit: Bureaucrat in Ishrat Jahan case

 Former bureaucrat RVS Mani has alleged that the changes in the second Ishrat Jahan affidavit "were made at the political level by the then UPA government" and that he was "tortured" to sign it.

Mani has even accused Verma of burning him with cigarettes. He also claimed that he had not drafted the second affidavit in which the LeT reference was dropped, and that he did sign it because he was “given an order to go and file it”.   
According to report, the UPA government had submitted two affidavits in the case. The first affidavit said that the four people, including Ishrat, who were killed in an encounter, were terrorists. However, in the second affidavit, filed within two months of the first, the government said that there was no conclusive evidence to prove that they were terrorists.
Asked about an affidavit filed by him, where he had alleged that he was “tortured” by SIT chief Satish Verma, Mani alleged that the whole sequence of events and the hardships he faced had led to the early deaths of his parents.    
“So many officers, so many people chased me everywhere,” Mani said.
When asked about Verma directly, Mani said that he was “not collecting evidence, he was engineering evidence”. 
Responding to a question on whether the then UPA government had been hounding him, Mani said that it was the “obvious” conclusion.