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Beef rumors in Jammu and Kashmir, trigger conflicts

Man sacrifices camel on Eid and was beaten up by mob. The meat was rumored as beef

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Sep 15 2016 11:46AM | Updated Date: Sep 15 2016 12:20PM

Beef rumors in Jammu and Kashmir, trigger conflicts

Curfew was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district on Wednesday after violent clashes took place in the area over beef-related rumors. Eid was celebrated under strict curfew in over 10 districts.


Police sources say the clashes started after a man was beaten up for slaughtering a camel. The animal was rumored as cow.


As soon as the news spread, people from two communities came head to head, in which several people were left injured.


Though the administration imposed curfew and deployed a large number of security forces, clashes continue in several parts of the town. 


A photo journalist covering the clashes was injured in stone pelting. A shop was set on fire by the mob. The police fired teargas shells to disperse stone pelting crowds.


"We will not spare anybody who is found spreading communal unrest," said a top police officer. "It (the meat) was not beef. Those involved in beating of a man for carrying camel meat will be booked under Public Safety Act," he added.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the states to crack down on what he called "fake cow protectors", saying often they were anti-social elements.