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Bus wreckage of bridge tragedy found

Wreckages were fully submerged in water and located few metres away from collapsed bridge site

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Aug 11 2016 1:11PM | Updated Date: Aug 11 2016 4:03PM

Bus wreckage of bridge tragedy found

Photo: Newsroopost/Twitter


Navy divers have found wreckage of buses which were washed away earlier this month when a bridge on Savitri river in Mahad collapsed due to floods, an official said in Raigad.

"After a long search and working for 12-14 hours daily for the last eight days, naval teams have located two bus wreckage submerged in the waters at Mahad," a defence spokesperson said.
The wreckages were fully submerged in about 4-6 metres of water and located around 170-200 metres away from the collapsed bridge site on the busy Mumbai-Goa Highway.
The bridge collapse also resulted in at least another four-five private vehicles being washed away in the heavy rains and floods, claiming an estimated 42 lives.
Billed as one of the worst road tragedies in the state, rescuers have managed to recover only 26 bodies so far, officials said.