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Has politics stooped to new low?

Is signing loyalty bonds the only way to stop defections in political parties?

Subhajit Sankar Dasgupta
Publish Date: May 26 2016 5:46PM | Updated Date: May 26 2016 5:51PM

Has politics stooped to new low?
Days after Congress leader Digvijay Singh voiced concern over his party’s declining fortune and called for mores steps by high command rather than yet another introspection promise in last few years, the West Bengal unit of the party went a step further on Wednesday, asking its newly appointed MLAs to sign a bond that will stop them from defecting to Trinamool Congress, which has come back to power for second straight time few days back.
By doing this, the Congress state unit has stooped to next level. All those MLAs who have been asked to sign the affidavit were the elected representatives of the people. Merely to guarantee their support for the Gandhi family, they cannot be held hostage.
Now, is it this way the political culture of world’s largest democracy is moving? Is signing loyalty he only way to stop defections in political parties?
Signing bonds for loyalty guarantee to avoid recent Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarkhand like incidents won’t do. Even if MLAs agree to sign affidavits, is there any guarantee they will not vote against their parties in Assemblies or in Parliament.
In fact, parties may now take queue from this, and ask ruling parties MLAs to sign their loyalties for other parties, bringing in more crises for state governments.
Therefore, the Calcutta High Court or the Supreme Court must take the suo motu action against the step taken by the Congress in West Bengal, so that such things do not come into practice.
And who knows, whether the Gandhis were taken into confidence before undertaking this step? Even if they were not, the action will further hit their reputation, at a time when Congress is losing state elections at rapid pace.
With each passing day, the insecurity felt by Congress leaders over their party’s slow decline in national politics is coming into limelight almost daily.
If the Congress wants to salvage some pride, when every non Congressman is making fun at them, they should try to build the fortune of grand old party, just like it did in 2004, by coming to power, when every exit polls predicted.