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First arrest in Hindwara molestation case

Kashmir hit violence has taken a new turn by removing three army bunkers in Hindwara

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Publish Date: Apr 19 2016 3:08PM | Updated Date: Apr 19 2016 3:08PM

First arrest in Hindwara molestation case

One arrested in Hindwara molestation case as the youth was identified by the 16-year-old girl, at the centre of the Valley’s fresh unrest, in her statement. The detained youth is being questioned, said a police official.


As the Handwara girl denies being molested or harassed by any security personnel, the police have arrested a local youth in the case, while five government employees were suspended in north Kashmir for their role in “whipping up passions”.


The Class 12 student told a local court that two boys, one in school uniform, “confronted, assaulted and dragged her” as she came out from a public convenience in the Handwara square, adjacent to an army picket.


Meanwhile, Kashmir hit violence has taken a new turn by removing three army bunkers in Hindwara leading to the where clashes between locals and security forces have led to a cycle of violence in which five people have been killed in a week.


The bunkers were removed by municipal officials from the main market area of the town in north Kashmir around 60 km from Srinagar making the locals demand for the removal of army posts since Tuesday after the allegations of a soldier molesting a schoolgirl leading to the violent protest around the army bunkers.


The deaths led to more clashes and protests in other parts of the Kashmir Valleyas well in which a 15-year-old boy was killed, a young cricketer and an elderly woman were amongst them.


A police official said, "Three bunkers, which were constructed on top of shops in Handwara main market, have been removed by municipal authorities."  


Yesterday, the moment curfew was unwinded in Handwara making hundreds of people came out on the streets to try and pull down the army post set up in the middle of the town over two decades ago.


Officials also declared that the spot would be turned into a public park. The army had refused to remove its posts saying these are strategically important for troops involved in anti-insurgency ops by confronting massive public anger


Mother of the schoolgirl has put allegetations saying that she is under pressure and has been illegally detained at the police station since last Tuesday.


Responding to the locals' demand, the administration promised to remove the army bunkers but protesters refused to back down until the structures were demolished.