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'Transform India portal' to highlight Modi govt achievements

Narendra Modi government will not be waiting that long to underscore its 'achhe din' discourse

Policy Pulse
Publish Date: Mar 10 2016 11:32AM | Updated Date: Mar 10 2016 4:29PM

'Transform India portal' to highlight Modi govt achievements

 The India Shining campaign came at the fag-end of the tenure of the Atal Behari Vajpayee government before the 2004 polls. The Narendra Modi government will not be waiting that long to underscore its 'achhe din' discourse. 

The government will be launching a special micro-website on Thursday ,, to highlight its achievements and feature a regularly updated progress card to inform citizens on how their lives are being 'transformed' under the present government and also solicit feedback from the public on the priority schemes of government. 
This comes after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his budget speech said agenda for the next year was to `Transform India' and his budget proposals were hence built on this transformative agenda with nine pillars -agriculture and farmers' welfare, rural sector, social sector, education, skills and job creation, infrastructure and investment, financial sector reforms, governance and ease of doing business, fiscal discipline and tax reforms. The new portal will now act as a "central repository" .. 
Progress made in the priority pro grammes of the government and their impact on citizen lives will be constantly updated on the website using infographics, he said. All ministries have been asked to send their inputs regularly to MyGov platform. Citizens will also be given the facility to post on the website their experiences of transforming India, along with pictures and videos, which will be summarised every week and sent to ministries as citizen feedback to government programmes. 
This initiative falls in the paradigm of direct connect with citizens of the Modi government through social media and online platform - already the Prime Minister's personal website and mobile application as well as the PMO website has a facility for citizens to post their comments on various government prog rammes. An about-to-belaunched PMO Mobile App will also offer a dedicated wall for public comments which could be directly replied by the PM.