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Terror Figures in Goa Declaration without Naming Pak

Aeclaration that came down heavily on the scourge of terror somehow shies away from bringing the word Pakistan

Vijay Grover
Publish Date: Oct 16 2016 7:37PM | Updated Date: Oct 16 2016 7:37PM

Terror Figures in Goa Declaration without Naming Pak

At the BRICS Goa Summit 2016 as Prime Minister Narendra Modi read out the Goa Declaration, all eyes were on what would be the key elements of the takeaway “Goa Declaration”.

Modi in his concluding remarks said, “Happy to share that we have adopted the Goa Declaration that lays down a comprehensive vision.”
Modi's success lay in the fact that he could get Chinese Premier Xi Jinping to sign the Goa declaration with three specific points on terror.
While in his plenary remarks without naming Pakistan Modi had highlighted how India had suffered from terror and that the global community needs to come together.
Aimed at India's efforts to isolate Pakistan diplomatically  from the rest of the world India achieved partial success as both Russia and China which had been inching closer to Pakistan in recent years and have been providing financial aid to the country which Modi dubbed as "mother-ship of Terror" .
The resolution on terror reads as follows.
"We call upon all nations to adopt a comprehensive approach in combating terrorism, which should include countering violent extremism as and when conducive to terrorism, radicalisation, recruitment, movement of terrorists including Foreign Terrorist Fighters, blocking sources of financing terrorism, including through organised crime by means of money-laundering, drug trafficking, criminal activities, dismantling terrorist bases, and countering misuse of the Internet including social media by terror entities through misuse of the latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Successfully combating terrorism requires a holistic approach. All counter-terrorism measures should uphold international law and respect human rights"
The move is bound to embarrass Pakistan at international level as the voices against it are now out in the open.